50-YEAR VISION QUEST (Collector’s Edition Book)



“A brilliant new genre in the picture book… full of poetic and transformational prose… a treasure treatise” Bruce Wineberg, Publishing Consultant to the Metropolitan Museum.


This 50-year 264-page visual memoir has 500 photographs coalesced and into seven-chapters of visual impressions and prose. It chronicles the plight of the human experience from Genesis, to the last chapter entitled, “Tree of Life” where 3,500 names from Standing Rock are listed as print activism for Clean Water.

The chapters are:
  • Chapter 1: GENESIS, 
  • Chapter 3: CHASING CHAOS
  • Chapter 4: GRATITUDE
  • Chapter 6: FINDING FLOW
  • Chapter 7: THE TREE OF LIFE

Chapter-1 to Chapter-7

“I have known John since 1975 and knew he led an exhausting, exciting life, but nothing prepared me for his book of photographs and text. His pictures, touching on the profound — not a surprise — are a joy to behold. His text takes me to places I thought I knew but did not. It is a book to savor for the life that prompted it and the interpretation he wrapped around it. A vision of our world, a contemporary photographer’s world with doubts and insights only an inquiring, spiritual mind could covey.” Anna Winand, ICP Executive Assistant to Cornell Capa

“I was overwhelmed with the last chapter and your epilogue! This was certainly the climactic impact I expected, because when you first let me see your book, I scrolled to the back and saw all the massive list of native Americans who participated in the Standing Rock time of need—people from other tribal ethnicities as well as outsiders. Now, reading the testimonies, it breaks my heart. It touches the raw wound I have from seeing the inequity and pain among the Wounaan. For them, it has been by everything from condescension and abuse to murder and attacks on whole villages (by colonists and the guerrilla). As I’ve read through your journey throughout the world so many things caught me by surprise. Like the situation of the Tibetans. ..Other things come to mind, but I do want you to know how much I was blessed by your candid and impactful epilogue! God never wastes the talents and abilities we have, even on a secular level. And He has certainly given you great talents. Another 50 years, yeah!” Ron Binder, missionary chronicled in Chapter 2

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The last chapter carries 3,480 names of Water Protectors listed as a new form of PRINT ACTIVISM. Chapter-7 bears witness to those who fought for Clean Water, Defended the Sacred, and the rights of indigenous people. The Tree of Life is found in Genesis but also as part of a vision credited to Crazy Horse before he was gun down. I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again.”



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