SPECIAL GIFT with FREE shipping (Available Only to Names Listed)

$66.00 $24.00

(Extended until December 31, 2017)

To HONOR the first anniversary of STANDING ROCK and to those who participated in this WARRIOR POSTER. We want to offer a special THANK YOU! Two posters (The Warrior Poster and the Panoramic Poster)  at our COST with FREE shipping. (USA only).

This is a Special Limited Edition Posters (only 2,500 copies printed). It is only available before December 31, 2017, and only those whose names are listed on the poster (see list below). Those who are not on the list can become a Donor Warrior, please click here.)

Click to enlarge and see your name.

We are pleased to announce the WATER IS LIFE (no names on the back) posters and cards can now be purchased in all the Smithsonian Museum Shops.



WATER WARRIORS who need special assistance can sign up and receive a poster from a donor.  Click: WARRIOR SUPPORT

WARRIOR DONORS:  If you would like to honor Water Warriors as a donor, please click: WARRIOR DONORS


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