WARRIOR DONOR 23″x 39″ (Buy One and We Honor a Warrior With a Second)


LIMITED EDITION WARRIOR SPECIAL:  A vivid & haunting memory in this high-quality 5 color LARGE poster with 2,008 names of WATER PROTECTORS taking a sacred stand by lending their names to be used as ART ACTIVISM. These Limited Edition Posters (only 2,500 copies printed) are available only to those who are listed on the poster or consent to be on the poster as a WARRIOR DONOR.

WARRIOR DONOR PACKAGE:  By Purchasing this poster at regular price you enlist a Water Protector to safeguard a second poster for the future. Copy and paste one or more Water Warrior’s names and paste it in the “ORDER NOTE” window in check-out. We will automatically send you and the selected Water Protector a WARRIOR POSTER.      

WATER WARRIORS who’d like sign-up and be sponsored with a poster click here: WARRIOR SUPPORT            


The following Water Protectors have indicated their desire to secure a copy of this legacy. When you make a purchase, you can honor one or more with a poster to their care. Please copy and paste the name (or names for multiple quantities) in the “Order Note” window at checkout. They will receive a WARRIOR POSTER compliment of your donation. (Your name will also be added to the next WATER IS LIFE is Life poster.)

I have been with the movement since our inception. As a Lakota I have given away much as it should be. Even our own people have acted as “fat takers.” I would be honored to receive such a gift as it would be precious to me. MINI WICONI WASTEYELO!
Dustin Thompson
McLaughlin, SD

I took a crew and a complete, fully stocked kitchen (army tent, wood stove, shelving, flooring, bulk food, spices, pots and pans, wash stand, blankets, cots, dishes, etc.) to Standing Rock over the Thanksgiving weekend and donated it to Cheryl Angel in Yurt Village at Sacred Stone Camp. I’m still paying off the debt I incurred. Now back home, I support the cause as a keyboard warrior for Cheryl Angel and another Water Protector, helping them with websites, travel plans, event organization, donations, etc. to support them in their mission to spread awareness. I work for myself, and business has been slow lately, so I can’t afford to purchase a poster right now. Wopila, Mni Wiconi!
Maria Morrissey
Dripping Springs, TX

I carried the Eagle Staff with Dennis Banks before they let the dogs out.
Ron Alex
Choctaw, Miss

I was part of Shailene Woodley‘s Up To Us Caravan, I was village coordinator and media crew. We supported and ran with Lakota Youth to Washington. I was not there until mid-August to Sacred Stone for 1st time, I was one of the 1st Keyboard Warriors before the term was created when 1st people arrested 7 of our crew and many more of SR natives arrested on very 1st confrontation. I was the one spreading the word. Uncle Roberts of Sacred Stone can confirm me. Been to camp twice and did long range support and recruiting until the end.
Harold Bustamonte
Boulder, CO

I was honored to spend countless hours a day as a keyboard warrior to our beloved water protectors. When the camps closed I started a page called HOST OUR HEROES …a forum for keyboard warriors and those who stood with the water protectors …to get to know each other.The goal was to encourage folks to open their homes to the displaced water protectors. I would love to have a poster … Not in my budget ( ssdi ) today. Mi Wiconi.
Jill Wise Goodman
Portland, OR

I heard the calling, the moment I found out about the Pipeline I knew I had to go and help try and stop the Blacksnake . My sister and I met up in Bismarck we brought medical supplies also large cooking pot and pans and 10 pounds of wild rice. We traveled to standing rock together and offered our gifts to the Water Warriors. We stayed for a very short time but it was beautiful you could feel the tranquility and the love and the spirits looking over us for three days. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever taken part of and I will honor my poster and show it proudly displayed in my home, as well as my sister Sandy will in her home … I thank you, John, for doing this this is history in the making it can only go forward from here. MNI WICONI, MIIGWETCH. A’HO
Lori Beaver & Sandy Phillips
Rolette, ND

I was a cook there at Oceti Sacowin, the big camp along with my daughters, Tink and Marlene.
Joyce Davis
Rapid City, SD

I am a Water Protector, and I have an FB group (Pure Dove Native Heart) and I have kept my members and the world updated on Standing Rock and the pipelines and I also use my personal FB page to do the same. MNI WICONI!!! WATER IS LIFE!!
Janet Running Deer Passmore
Dalton, Georgia

There from November until the middle of January. US Vietnam Veteran and a member of Veterans for Peace. Not directly part of the ‘deployment’ rather went because I was called. Stood with Native Veterans because of a special friend from the Klamath Tribe who was also a Vietnam Veteran who died from Agent Orange. Wore his hat. It was a powerful time that taught me so much. Continuing the fight as a water protector here in Savannah, Georgia with Laurel Shadley. We were at Standing Rock together.
Albert Strickland

Savannah, Georgia


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