A. Strickland

I was called to Standing Rock and I am a Water Protector.

Four of us drove from Savannah, Georgia arriving late at night the third week of November just before the snowfall.  When we descended into the camp it was as if I was home. The warmth of spirit was all around me and I dreamed good dreams that night.

Being a Vietnam Veteran I have had very few good dreams. I connected to the Sacred Fire and then the Vet Tent. I met many souls while there from all over the world and we shared the unbelievable. With the police, the military on the hip arrayed against us we stood together arm in arm on the bridge.

I was there on the bridge with the blizzards raging but I was warm. Spirit protects when you stand with the people. I am a member of Veterans for Peace. I left to return home towards the middle of January from Sacred Stone Camp.
I am ready to stand again!!

Albert Strickland
Savannah, Georgia

*Honor a WATER PROTECTOR with a poster.  To Give is to Receive!
My best friend at Standing Rock, Steven, sent me these pictures. This one was my first time on ‘the bridge’, one of many and it was pre-blizzard! This picture was published in Russian Times! No hat! That did not last long. There are pictures of my friends that were shot with” rubber bullets. He hit more than a few times this one was in the leg and he is holding the bullet. They can be deadly no matter what ‘they’ say.

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