Cody P. Saint

I first got to Oceti on Sept 11. It was a good feeling we got there late at night. That first week I made friends and donated time chopping wood at the kitchen.

I remember one night I was on my way to go listen to Midnight Express Jam Out. On my way I stopped because I heard Bird singing, I’ve only seen videos, not in person. Then NAC songs. Then Round Dance songs. Then Sundance songs. Then Coastal songs. And everyone was war-whooping and laughing and riding horses.

It was a good feeling. That all changed after a while. People started getting harassed and assaulted by the cops and there was an untrust type of thing in camp because of infiltrators.

If I could go back to those good times at the beginning with so many different natives getting along and sharing songs and prayer I would in a heartbeat.

Anyways I was arrested twice don’t really care to get into the details. After a while, I moved to Sacred Stone Camp because I liked how it was more secluded.

Eventually, a group of us started the Heyoka Camp over by the river. I stayed until one day before the Big Eviction. I knew it was over and I took the opportunity to get a ride home instead of stay and possibly be stranded. Where there’s water there’s life. Aho!

Cody Phillip Saint
Omak, WA

*Honor a WATER PROTECTOR with a poster.  To Give is to Receive!

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