Glen Law

Standing Rock changed my life.

I went there with my two brothers (ceremonial adoption), and our children. We were so inspired by the feeling of community within the camps, the strength of prayer for water protection, and the mystique of the region.

We made family out of the friends that we met there and will maintain contact with these wonderful people forever. I felt, and still feel, that Standing Rock was the beginning of an environmental protection movement that will prove to change the tides of the way the human family interacts with our natural environment.

Immediately after returning home from standing rock, we founded a spiritual organization, Sacred Earth Council, that can be found at and on Facebook as Protektorz@Sacred Earth Council. We are dedicated to environmental restoration projects, caring for the elderly, especially indigenous elderly, and educating the youth about the wonders of our living relatives within this natural environment called earth.

This is our way of continuing the legacy of Standing Rock.

Glen Fitzgerald Law
Blue Ridge GA
Honored by Susie Siebert Mitchell

*Honor a WATER PROTECTOR with a poster.  To Give is to Receive!

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