Linda Satchell

I heard THE CALL mid-August. It was so strong and loud in my heart I had to respond. “Go now! Hurry up you are late!”. My brain argued saying this doesn’t make sense- this is mainly Lakota, but I HAD to help, no question. I was ready to give my life.

I found a phone number and it was Ladonna at Sacred Stone. I called and she answered. When asked how can I help… money? … food?… supplies? She answered, ” We need people”.

So I closed my business in Hawaii and went. I arrived at camp on September 3, (2016) the “Day of the Dogs”. I was one of the first woman camping at the front line (later known as north camp which was torn down by DAPL/Police on Oct. 27.

Every day we were visited by wise elders, Chiefs, Eagle Dancers. There were 2 pipe carriers in that camp of about 10-15 of us. What a privilege and Honor to be there in Ceremony and Prayer, Standing to Honor and Protect Water, Life, and Human Rights.

I moved to Rosebud Camp with Donna and Curly, and many who are still close family in my heart… I got a tipi and an old 4WD to help with camp needs. I went back to Hawaii a few times to take care of my clients but had my base at Rosebud.

It was the most important thing I’ve ever done other than bearing my son. I stood on the front line many times with the most beautiful People with courageous hearts full of Prayer, love, and forgiveness. This catalyzes the planet and I am grateful to be a part of the amazing collective Unified field of this ongoing Prayer.

Linda Satchell
Honaunau, HI

*Honor a WATER PROTECTOR with a poster.  To Give is to Receive!

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