Rosetta Buan

I came to feed my relatives. To nourish everyone in the ways I know how. I came to serve.

I was only vaguely aware of Standing Rock until I saw the videos of the dog attacks in my Facebook feed.  My heart broke watching them. I sobbed with anger at the injustice. I didn’t have any idea how I could help.

A few days later I saw the video of Tink Young cooking for the main Oceti Kitchen… so brave, beautiful, her energy so clear.  She was feeding many from an open fire pit while standing in the smoke working outside, exposed.

A friend called that same day, she told me of the four-hour wait for food while kitchens ran out of food, and warriors going hungry. I immediately remembered a disaster relief kitchen that belonged to the Rainbows. It was not in use!

Tears flowed and flowed as I explained to my family that I had to go. I have four kids, an amazing husband, tons of responsibilities but I had to go. I just kept planning, packing and found myself on the road within days.

Heavily loaded with a huge commercial kitchen, full of cooking gears, a van full of brave youth and my father. I told everyone we’re at the dawning of the new time.

I called my mother, describing to ber how I was standing on Holy Grounds.  How I poured the waters from our home springs infused with our love and prayer into the Cannon Ball River and how I felt so alive, chosen and AWAKENED.

I ended up making five trips over the next five months. I gave everything I could from my body, mind, soul, and belongings. The stories of those five trips could fill a library. I can’t share them all, but I do invite people to look at my Livestream photos and thoughts from those months on my Facebook Page. Or,  invite me for tea, to sit by a fire and share all I that I remember.

I have spent the last months mourning while learning to be quiet and to be alone, to forgive all. I am adjusting my life plans to live in service, in Joy, in Faith, and in a Good Way.

I prepared my ship and crew for another battle. I do NOT CONSENT to our culture of competition, extraction, and domination. My world is ruled by Cooperation, flowing spirals of life that never end, because an end is always a beginning, and all things have one source.

We are all one. In service to the greatest good.

Rosetta Star Buan
Fairview, NC

Honored by Sarah Marrion Isaacs

Editor’s Note:  if you’re in Ashville, N.C., visit Rosetta’s Kitchen

*Honor a WATER PROTECTOR with a poster.  To Give is to Receive!

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