Valerie Mason

I first came to Sacred Stone in September to drop off supplies.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the amount of time it would take for people to sort and house the supplies and how it must be taking away from people going to the front lines.

I couldn’t get arrested because I am a single mom of 4, so in October and November, I went back to organize and shelter all of the food supplies.

After I left in November I went back to pick up a new friend who was freezing to come and live with me. Around Christmas, until May I housed multiple other water protectors at my home in Washington State.  I went back for a few weeks before the camps were shut down in January and February.

While I was home, I organized several talks for Native American Water Protectors I had met to speak at my school. The University of Washington, and other places.

I also started a nonprofit called Wiconi Wakan which will promote the education and spread awareness of ecocide sites and camps across the country. I also met my now boyfriend (the hairy one) at Sacred Stone and we have been heavily involved in local fights against an LNG plant and methanol plant.  Mni Wiconi!


WA*Honor a WATER PROTECTOR with a poster.  To Give is to Receive!

Kitchen being built.
My camp moms — with Karen Leys.

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