KEEP LIFE PURE — a social, environmental effort committed to propagating life’s sacredness and all inalienable human rights to a clean, safe, and harmonious environment. Through thoughtful, artistic, and ocular presentations, KEEP LIFE PURE champions iconic works of climate-responsive activism between man, nature, and a divine spirit.

Our mission is to uncover and display iconic works of art that champion nature’s preservation and chronicle our human footprint. We integrate resources to discover projects with mindful integrity. Together, a visual message is packaged as print activism and preserved for the ages, nature’s beauty, and eternal righteousness.

STANDING ROCK POSTERS were our first flagship project that captured Native Americans’ vision of defending clean water. WATER IS LIFE posters for posterity.

50-YEAR VISION QUEST: Our first book project. Photographer John Chao 50-year account of his visual journey as a professional photographer. 1,000 copies given to children of warriors at Standing Rock.