50-YEAR VISION QUEST (Book with Photo)


A signed hardbound copy of 50-YEAR VISION QUEST is available with a selected limited-edition signed and numbered photograph from the book. To order: choose the image in the selection dropdown box and pick the size.

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John Chao‘s 50-YEAR VISION QUEST is an episodic visual recount of his last 50 years.  Divided into seven chapters, Chao chronicles the plight of the human experience from Chapter 1, “Genesis”,  where indigenous innocence is visually traced on their journey into the fallen state of civilization. In the last chapter entitled, “Tree of Life,”  3,600 names from Standing Rock are listed as print activism for Clean Water. Sandwiched in between are 504 photographs and his dissertation on the nature of photography and his quest for illumination.


“A brilliant new genre in the picture book… full of poetic and transformational prose… a treasure treatise” Bruce Wineberg, Publishing Consultant to the Metropolitan Museum.


This 50-year 264-page visual memoir by photographer John Chao has 500 photographs coalesced and into seven chapters of visual impressions and prose. It chronicles the plight of the human experience from Genesis, to the last chapter entitled, “Tree of Life” where 3,500 names from Standing Rock are listed as print activism for Clean Water.

The chapters are:
  • Chapter 1: GENESIS, 
  • Chapter 3: CHASING CHAOS
  • Chapter 4: GRATITUDE
  • Chapter 6: FINDING FLOW
  • Chapter 7: THE TREE OF LIFE

Chapter-1 to Chapter-7

The last chapter carries 3,480 names of Water Protectors listed as a new form of PRINT ACTIVISM. Chapter-7 bears witness to those who fought for Clean Water, Defended the Sacred, and the rights of indigenous people. The Tree of Life is found in Genesis but also as part of a vision credited to Crazy Horse before he was gun down. I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again.”



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