NDPL Drilling Continues Even After Denial!

BATTLE FAR FROM OVER: I noticed beams of light shining skywards in the -20 windchill darkness. (Thank God wasn’t windier!) Near sunrise, I braved myself to a shivering gate-keeper to ask the question. “They‘re condensation,” explained Chris Rogers, a female veteran from Big Rapids, Michigan. “and they’ve brought more lights and activity the last few night.”

Chris Rogers from Big Rapids, Michigan stood guard all night and morning in the below zero temperatures at Standing Rock.

DJ Rankin from Ashville, N.C., taking time lapse photos of the sunrise chimed in, “I don’t know where this guy got his information, but he said they broke three bits drilling in this cold.” I acknowledged the challenges of cold to which he smiled and said. “Yeah, I hope it’s harder on them than us.”

On duty since 12:30 am I asked Rogers when she gets off, “Whenever I get relieved…” She replied. She was still there when I checked at 8:45am

PS. NOW MY EDITORIAL: Clearly, the pipe company is expanditing and intensifying their efforts to complete the project despite the Army Corp’s permit denial.

Just another shameless disregard for the law and because they are a corporation, they’re getting away with impunity. Yes, the barricades are still up, the road closed, all under the watchful eyes of a militarized force bent on protecting lawbreakers while peaceful protesters are still in jail.

The only saving grace has been the brutal cold which many in the know, pray for and gladly sacrifice self-comfort for divine hindrance.

Is this how it is going to be?

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