Stephen Stinehour took a special interest in the making of the posters. He even stopped the press for over an hour and ordered new plates to be made to fix a minor problem that was not the printer’s fault. His elegance for simplicity and beauty has changed the landscape of Fine Art Museum posters for the past 40 years. It was an honor to reconnect with him after so many years!

The long awaited WATER IS LIFE poster came to life today at Puritan Capital in Hollis, NH! I was honored to be there with Stephen Stinehour the legendary printer of fine art posters and books. Several workers at the plant thanked me for creating the poster. They were all aware of Standing Rock or had friends or family there. They were genuinely moved by the poster as I was of their embrace. It was a powerful affirmation.

A traditional sign off moment. This means all subsequent copies of the poster must match this print.
You know you’ve arrived when the master of Fine Art posters and books takes a picture for his instagram! I like to take credit for this arrival but really, it is the message of the Poster that touches all. WATER IS LIFE Defend the Sacred!


  1. The order form will not calculate shipping price. It reverts to “local pick up” option. I need it mailed to me, unless the poster is availab ll e for “local pick up” in my area of southern Oregon… Where is the “local pick up” location? Or is shipping free in Oregon? How shall I proceed? (I was at Oceti Sakowin in August)

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