50-Year Vision Quest REVIEWS


Larry Hatteberg

“If it is possible to look into the collective memory of a photojournalist, then this book reveals and defines a career and a man.
What you have done is to take us on your life’s journey, one click at a time. Photojournalism reveals not only a man’s view of reality but a depth of spirit that touches both the viewer and the photographer and changes both forever.
I’ve done a couple of books. I know how difficult they are. This isn’t a book, it is a ‘Masterpiece’.” Larry Hatteberg Past-President National Press Photographer’s Association

Bruce Wineberg

“Congratulations on creating a new genre — a book both rich in great photos and excellent prose. A truly wonderful treasury of the last four decades and a very special history of those years. A classic treatise.” Bruce Wineberg Publishing Consultant to the Metropolitan Museum Read More

Anna Winand

“I have known John Chao since 1975 and knew he led an exhausting, exciting life, but nothing prepared me for his book of photographs and text. His pictures, touching on the profound — not a surprise — are a joy to behold. His text takes me to places I thought I knew but did not.
It is a book to savor for the life that prompted it and the interpretation he wrapped around it. A vision of our world, a contemporary photographer’s world with doubts and insights only an inquiring, spiritual mind could convey.” Anna Winand  ICP Executive Assistant to Cornell Capa. Read More

Dave Burnett

What a work of memory, dedication, and serious commitment… nicely done… you can’t really skim it.. there is something on almost every page that grabs you… nice work! Dave Burnett Photojournalist 

Nevada Wier

“This is a book to treasure! Funny story. My neighbor just brought over John Chao’s new book 50-Year-Vision Quest. It was mis-delivered weeks ago!! But she opened it, and even though she and her family do not speak much English (I live in rural New Mexico), they loved the book and kept it for a while. Finally, today they delivered it to me…reluctantly. It is a brilliant book. I understand why they kept it so long, and I’m glad they did… yes of course I will get one for them. The one they delivered is signed to me, so I will treasure it. But I know they will be so happy to have a copy of this book.” Nevada Wier, Multiple award-winning photographer 

Karina Petri

“Special delivery. Yesterday I received my long-awaited book from John Chao.
John, your book kept me up late as I read through one-third of your book, admiring your journey. Your photographs and stories with hints of wisdom kept me intrigued, and I couldn’t put them down.
I will cherish this book forever, along with my Standing Rock posters.
What an honor John. What an incredible life you have lived with great purpose. Thank you!” Karina Petri Water Protector

Tom Perron

“I am beyond emotional at receiving this book. Masterpiece does not do it justice. I can only say… Thank You!” Tom Perron Chief of Operations at Plotting World Domination

Hannah Johansen

“Years ago I majored in 20th Century American History and have always been intrigued by the historical nature of various events. John’s recent publication, “50 Year Vision Quest,” is not only focuses on his career as a worldwide photographer, his 50 years of spiritual evolution, and all the intriguing and exciting events he encountered. His thorough documentation of Standing Rock is a truly historical treasure and a powerful example of the courage and tenacity of those that honor and protect Mother Earth and one another with Love, Prayers, and Commitment to stand for what is right.” Hannah Johansen Global Adventurer 

Tristan Hartwell

“So humbling to get this gift in the mail. I am honored that John Chao would let me have a small part in his life’s work. I’m truly humbled that the work I have been doing with #neverforgotten got acknowledgment ❤️ what an amazing human being John is, and what a journey he has been on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ this means so much to me and so many water protectors. This will be in our family for many generations to come. Mni iconic” Tristan Hartwell #neverforgotten

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