Clean water is our most sacred resource and should be protected in perpetuity. At Standing Rock, a great dichotomy was revealed: Peaceful protestors fixed within the landscape of their ancestral grounds, opposing the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline — countered by an active and chameleonic military police force whose sole intention was to protect the unlawful construction of the same pipeline. Share your Standing Rock memories with your Warrior Post.

Alphabetical list

Casey Leydon

The Night I Became a Lokota.

Randal & Tammy

Our greatest memories are with my Brothers and Sisters at Standing Rock,

N. Taspanwin

My experience being in standing Rock was emotional. 

Betty Lenora

I stood, on October 27th, with Water Protectors against the most powerful, destructive force on the planet

Beatrice Jackson

Last day at Standing Rock. Grace, Peggy and I woke early to be on time…

Angie C. George

I was there in October, came home for a funeral and went back for a couple weeks in November…

Lish LaBarge

I spent the heated month of August 2016 in Northern Minnesota gathering supplies,

C. Wiercinski

I was watching all the videos of camp. I felt very heavy-hearted…

Chief Kindness

I was at Standing Rock for 4 months…

Karina Petri

I was originally called to Flint, Michigan…

Mara S. Spitzer

I  was called to go. I arrived Nov 3rd and stayed til Dec 10th.

Cody P. Saint

I first got to Oceti on Sept 11…

Chandler Gaddy

I changed my life 180 degrees!

Joseph Hock

The call came out asking for Warriors to set up camp in what is now

Rose L. Butler

I was a cook for the Lantern Kitchen..also helped in…

Rosetta Buan

I came to feed my relatives. To nourish everyone in the ways I know how.

A. Strickland

I was called to Standing Rock and I am a Water Protector.

Ron Alex

I carried the eagle staff with Dennis Banks before they let the dogs out…

M. Goodshield

I am a 7th generation pipe carrier, a direct descendant of

Eli de Vries

I saw the assault on Peaceful Protectors in the water in October…

Heidi Demars

Standing Rock was in my backyard and became a pivotal moment in my…

Glen Law

Standing Rock changed my life…

Elohi Law

I was just seven years old when my dad took me to Standing Rock

John Wathen

When I first decided to go to Standing Rock, I had no idea what I was…

Dan Nanamkin

I have pictures…

Valerie Mason

I first came to Sacred Stone in September to drop off supplies…

Janet Passmore

I am a water protector, and I have an FB group (Pure Dove Native Heart)…

Linda Satchell

I heard THE CALL mid-August. It was so strong and loud in my heart…

Lori Beaver

The moment I found out about the Pipeline I knew I had to go…

Maria Morrissey

I took a crew and a complete, fully stocked kitchen (army tent, wood…

Maria Rose Sikyea

I AM A WATER PROTECTOR! My name is Maria Rose, I am named…