Bolivar Bowler


This 1973 photograph taken in La Paz, Bolivia by Chinese-American Photographer John Chao is offered as a limited-edition collectible in the following options; Ink Jet, Platinum Palladium and, 50-year-old original Silver Gelatin Print.

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El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia 1974

THE ARRIVAL of Spanish Conquistador Captain Alonso Mendoza in 1548, established Ciudad de La Paz (City of Peace); it was a gesture of restoration following the many revolutions against the Pizarro brothers, primarily at the brutal and corrupt Gonzalo Pizarro. The Bowler hat worn by a Cholita (a small, civilized, native woman) accentuates the confluence of the past, the present, and the struggle for survival. Over 81% of Bolivia’s population is poverty-stricken, 51% are found in cities. Migration to places like El Alto, the poor section of La Paz began in the Pizarro days. The chase for subsistence, seeking a better life, gaining ubiquitous knowledge involves innate experiences. It is in our DNA, in our past, and pervasively ingrained into our future: To quest is human.


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