Completing this project has been important to me because HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY WINNERS. Those who have championed the protection of sacred and natural resources have paid a price. Their sacrifice deserves recognition, respect and the embrace of a future generation.

A poster is a collectible memory. It has a physical lifespan of 30-40 years. It speaks to an uncertain future and it continues to speak when we are gone.

Individual, and families who have supported the fight and stood against the Black Snake, will be gathered once again, to stand on the back of a WATER IS LIFE Poster. Their names will be printed and they will bear witness to the legacy of our Standing Rock.

We are compiling consent and you can monitor the progress until May 10th.  Please share this far and wide. Help gather the many who have made the difference but unaware of this poster.

Thank You!
John Chao

(BOLD names represent those arrested or injured and indented names are minors or family members. If you wish to be listed, removed or make a correction, simply state your request, PM your message or just click ‘Sign Our Poster’.)

CURRENT LIST:  Click to Enter, Click Again to Enlarge.  (Updated: 10:19 am, May 27 )


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54 thoughts on “FINAL CALL”

  1. I got my posters the other day, so happy! 👏
    And John was awesome enough to include a few post cards that will make excellent gifts. Thank you again so much for capturing that image and everything else.
    Water is Life ✊

      1. My fiancé & me ordered a poster with the names on it, our names Joe & Angie Gazotti & my brother Anthony Gazotti, we ordered it the 10th of last month & haven’t heard nothing about it since. We would like to find out what’s Going on with it. Thank you

        1. We have started shipping posters in the order that they were received. You will get an email with a tracking number as soon as it is shipped. Thank you for your patience.

  2. I am Roxanne White I am Yakama Nation, Nimiipuu, I had the Honor of working in the Main Kitchen at Oceti Sakowen in August/September for 40 days and retured 2 more times in October/December. My Purpose was to Serve and Pray. I still Serve the Frontlines from my Home Seattle Washington and it would be an Honor to have my Name added to this Historical Posyer!! Thank You for Reaching Out to Me!!!

  3. I did 2 tours…a week at a time, the first time in September and the second time in November, at which I stayed at the Michigan Host Camp. I’m Odawa from Harbor Springs, Michigan. My friends/ community know me as Tee…my English name is Theresa Keshick. #BimmadziwinNbiAawan #WaterIsLife #MniWiconi. #ShutDownLine5

  4. My name is Yamni Frank Harden, I lived at black hills camp with my dad Travis Harden aka (Super NoDAPL Man) anyway I was there from late September till December 5… In October I got shot with a sandbag point blank by a sheriff, who was aiming for my face… So please put me on the poster in bold letters. .. Pilamaye

    1. You can proof the list later tonight when we update the page. I am always so pleased to include the kids knowing in 30 years this will mean so much to them.

  5. could you please add my name to this list i was there for 6 months as a medic my name is ramon maestas but every one knew me at camp as Ray please and thank you for your time

  6. Louis( Lou) Hill III, drove one of two U-Haul truck loads of food from Mississippi, in Early December, stayed for Veterans march at Oceti Sakowin.

  7. Hey I seen my name before. Perhaps I missed it. I couldn’t find it here. I’m very confused. Lol if you could add it Is appreciate it

  8. I submitted my names of people who were with me St Oceti Sakowin for seven month’s and we weren’t on the poster! Winona Kasto, Abe Kasto, Grace Kasto, Seanacey Kasto, Noah Kasto, Severt Young Bear, Saunders Young Bear, Karen Little Wounded, Joe Lafferty these are the one’s who were there at Oceti Sakowin camp.

    1. We had to discard that list because people were complaining that their names appeared without their consent. The names you see on this list are only of those we’ve gotten consent. Can you please give me a list of names that are aware and do consent to have their names published? We will insert into the list right away. Thank you Winona!

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