For the next edition of the WATER IS LIFE we’ve come up with a CONFIRMED list of names but know that many are left out. Please check the list and make sure your name is properly listed or needs to be removed.

We want to honor those who went to Standing Rock and all those who supported and sustained their sacred stand. A poster is a collectible item and names listed will have a considerable profound meaning 20 years from now.

If you would like to be listed simply fill in your name in the form to the upper right under “Sign Our Poster” and if you have friends that are not on the internet and would like to be listed, just leave a message.

Thank You!

Please see Final Call for the current list.

8 thoughts on “STAND UP FOR THE SACRED!”

  1. AHO! I’m not sure, if so I support daily with funds during stand and with merchandise and following and sharing live feeds. Educating and cconstant prayer. WATER IS LIFE! if so Little Running Water is my name. Thank you lovely beings!

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