Standing Rock Goes to Press


Because of privacy concerns, no List was printed on the back of the poster printed today.  A new list will be made to be included in the next edition.  All names on the NEW list must come with a request to be listed. Anyone submitting a name for someone else must have a statement that confirms their consent.

If you have already made a request, there is no need to do another.  (Special Warrior Purchase)

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    1. We have started shipping posters in the order that they were received. You will get an email with a tracking number as soon as it is shipped. Thank you for your patience.

  1. I have not received my poster yet. I can’t get an account. The contact link doesn’t work. I can wait I just wanted to make sure I will get the poster. It means a lot to me. Thanks in advance for any advise.

  2. Hello John, Thank you for your hard work on this. I was not at Standing Rock, but have supported the movement before any camps were up. I signed the petition the children made to deliver to the Army Corps of Engineers. I even payed to promote it because there was only 9,000 something signatures. I wanted it to go far and wide. I have sent donations to the water protectors as well. I would love to have my name on the poster but it’s no big deal if not. I have already put my package order in. I will contact Grandmother Regina and her son to see if they want their names on it. Once again, thank you so much for doing this. History was made and you are telling part of the story

  3. I Misty Hernandez, Howard Rooks Sr. (Veteran) Steve Hernandez (Veteran), and Pauletta Red Willow (Veteran) we were there in December for a week when all the veterans showed up

  4. I hear you! Who thought this was ok! Distributing a poster with all these names could lead to horrible consequences. STOP IT NOW!!!

  5. altho I wasn’t able to attend, I send school supplies in October 2016 delivered to grandma Paperdoll, is it to late to add my name, or is just for the ones who live there daily, no problem, I follow all updates, shared all updates to the world, my hear belongs to this MNI WICONI forever.

  6. April 10, 2017. I could not read the posters to blurry even enlarged. My name is Susan Chippewa-Minch I was there in Standing Rock with the
    Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians DELEGATION
    Peshawbestown, Michigan October 2016 we were there don’t know if we were on the list or not.

  7. I didn’t give consent for my name to be on this list. This is dangerous. I get the intent to honor, but this list, as others have said, is probably being cross checked, and no name should be added without permission.

  8. I was an early organizer of the Omaha Run and Spirit Ride. Was at camp on and off from Day 1 til November (as a visitor/supporter, never did any of the amazing things the real deal water protectors did.) Add my name please. Thank you, Mni Wiconi!

  9. This is dangerous, a violation of privacy and consent, and insulting — talk about tokenizing to make a profit. You should take this poster down immediately. Shame on you.

  10. This needs to be taken down. Not everyone on this list consented to have their name published…not everyone on this list was even there!
    Good intentions, maybe, but poorly thought out.

  11. Please, please, please do your research! John Bolenbaugh IS NOT A HERO! There is an entire community deeply affected by the spill and deceived by John! He just seeks fame and money and has used this issue for his own benefit. Talk to the people and they will tell you them self. I know we need somebody like John but he is NOT the right person.

    1. We wanted to dedicate the panorama poster to have all the arrestees but was advised that it may be detrimental to many still facing trial. We ended up putting only of those in the public eye, meaning they are either reported in the news, or announce their arrest on the internet or requested to be acknowledged. In any case, we did not print the back on the poster and will start the whole process over by having protectors choose to be on the poster and not be nominated.

      1. I think what you are doing is a beautiful commemorative work to honor those who wish to be included. I understand the concern of those who did not consent to their names being included but the fact is if they were there if they posted any pictures or info about the camps they are already on any list that may exist. I personally would like this for my personal keepsake to pass on to my grandchildren some day. I would like my name included and any of the names I previously listed for inclusion given to you with the consent of the individuals named. Unless they have changed their minds and reached out to you directly please leave them on. Thank you for your good intentions.

        1. Hi Rhonda, We can only list your name and cannot list the names you previously included. We will list names if you make specific request and state that you are giving consent on behalf of the listed person. We understand many warriors are not on the internet

  12. This list is harmful and violates privacy. You NEED consent when suing someone’s name and clearly there are hundreds of people who did not give you consent. Please take down this list.

  13. This fight was sand is NOT about “personal glory”!!
    We do not do this to “gain honor”…we do this to honor the earth, to honor the ancestors, to honor the future generations!!
    To defend and stand together and expect to be honored or to outright ASK for it colonial thinking, brainwashing, at it’s worst. People, you forget who you are.
    Who you are meant to be! Do not be blinded by this so called honor of having your name posted. This is exploitation…..just as it has gone on for many years. This is someone making a profit off of others.

  14. This makes me so uncomfortable. I understand the desire for continuing to acknowledge the sincerity and power that was experienced in this unifying movement, but this feels like a complete commodification. John Chao, speak to people about what you’re doing and how it serves or doesn’t. You’ve created something very complex and triggering here – it’s not good.

    Please remove my name. I imagine anyone in their right mind would ask the same.

  15. This is exploiting a prayer – the call was to answer a prayer and on behalf of indigenous resources. Once again a $ has been put right in the forehead of indigenous people – “take a picture with an Indian” style. Water Protectors went up there for a single purpose – not to get famous or be on a poster or trading cards. This is self serving and atypical of what is being done to this land and the indigenous. It shouldn’t even happen. This is literally a financial gain off the backs of Natives. And just as any other exploitation without permission. It’s not your right.

  16. Is this list only for those who were lucky enough to get out there or does it include people who sent donations and helped support the course by spreading the word via social media. My account was actually suspended for a time for spreading the word.

  17. Why you delete my comment? What do you have to hide?

    As an enrolled member– we did NOT give you permission to post this.
    Please remove or we will take legal action.

  18. When this was first created did anyone think to ask permission to have these people’s names listed, since you are making a profit from their sacrifice, prayer and journey?
    While some people will have no challenge with their name being on here, others will feel disrespected. In our indigenous culture is is respectful to give tobacco and ask before doing anything that could potentially be life changing or that involves ceremony.
    I read the “creators’ of this for profit poster are from East Asia, so I am offering a perspective that you may not have known. Since this was/is considered a ceremony because people were there in prayer, there was several sacred fires, it is very important that this poster only contain the names of the people who are aware that their name is on here.
    There is protocol to follow and humble respect is required when any ceremony has occurred or is occurring. Anything less is considered to be disrespectful to the ancestor, the spirits, the people and the ceremony.
    Ceremony is never to be sold… that is first and foremost.
    We must be coherent in our journeys that can affect others path and/or well being. That is a part of the original teachings of this land…
    Please consider what I have offered here with my words, heart and what has been passed on to me by my elders.

      1. You never consulted our tribe to use its name or likeness. We have consulted a lawyer and will be contacting you.

  19. I would be honored to have my name on this. I left everything I had to move to Standing Rock to be a part of this struggle. Vincent Guerra.

  20. I spent my last $200 to stand for the water and my daughters too. We are not terrorists because we stand for life liberty and Justice. We are not violent for hearing the call of our mothers mothers mothers mothers through those who have remained to make the call. Add Stella Dreamwalker, Isabella Amhara, and She Who Feeds the Water (Ambriella).

  21. I was at Standing Rock the week of Thanksgiving. I had brought a large blue Water is Life banner that was signed by all of the students at my school. It was hung on the front fence. It was on the guard shack at the front gate and was photographed as it burned on the last day when water protectors had to leave. Please place my name. I continue to educate about what happened there.

    1. It would of been a good lesson to teach your students on how not to leave a camp a mess and if you pack it in you pack it out,thanks for mess you left

  22. I was with the veterans stand for standing rock , I signed the roster and I worked the medic tent back by the wood veteran structure . I understand the animosity with my group but there was quite a few of us that did everything that was asked of us from standing rock. I’m just saying this list is awesome but it still seems wrong not to include everyone , MNI WICONI

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