Recently, three more Water Warriors got sent to jail for protesting the rights of the Native Americans and for Clean Water at Standing Rock. Their sacrifice inspires and reminds us of why we published the WATER IS LIFE poster in the first place.

For two weeks, until December 31, 2019, we will donate all profits to a fund that will distribute to each prison commissary accounts of the incarcerated brothers and sister.

Hello 2018!

Video from Brother Casey E. Leydon aka Casey EL “We are fools to make war On our brothers in arms”

Standing (like a) Rock in 2017

So very proud to leave 2017 with this Video!


Buy a Warrior Poster in 2018 and Honor a Water Protector with a second poster. Keep the message of Standing Rock alive and Defend the Sacred with this  WATER IS LIFE Poster!

Honest Government Ad!

Finally! An honest AD about the Dakota Access Pipeline #NODAPL.  (Authorized by the Department of Homeland Invasions)


To HONOR the first anniversary of STANDING ROCK and to those who participated in this WARRIOR POSTER. We say THANK YOU and offer a Special Gift here.

Warrior Posts

Clean water is our most sacred resource and should be protected in perpetuity. At Standing Rock, a great dichotomy was revealed: Peaceful protestors fixed within the landscape of their ancestral grounds, opposing the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline — countered by an active and chameleonic military police force whose sole intention was to protect the unlawful construction of the same pipeline. Share your Standing Rock memories with your  Warrior Posts.

Shipping Warrior Posters

We’ve been shipping posters the last 10 days! So happy to get this to the brave Water  Warriors willing to be listed on the back of the WATER IS LIFE Poster Activism!


Stephen Stinehour took a special interest in the making of the posters. He even stopped the press for over an hour and ordered new plates to be made to fix a minor problem that was not the printer’s fault. His elegance for simplicity and beauty has changed the landscape of Fine Art Museum posters for the past 40 years. It was an honor to reconnect with him after so many years!

The long awaited WATER IS LIFE poster came to life today at Puritan Capital in Hollis, NH! I was honored to be there with Stephen Stinehour the legendary printer of fine art posters and books. Several workers at the plant thanked me for creating the poster. They were all aware of Standing Rock or had friends or family there. They were genuinely moved by the poster as I was of their embrace. It was a powerful affirmation.

A traditional sign off moment. This means all subsequent copies of the poster must match this print.
You know you’ve arrived when the master of Fine Art posters and books takes a picture for his instagram! I like to take credit for this arrival but really, it is the message of the Poster that touches all. WATER IS LIFE Defend the Sacred!

NDPL Drilling Continues Even After Denial!

BATTLE FAR FROM OVER: I noticed beams of light shining skywards in the -20 windchill darkness. (Thank God wasn’t windier!) Near sunrise, I braved myself to a shivering gate-keeper to ask the question. “They‘re condensation,” explained Chris Rogers, a female veteran from Big Rapids, Michigan. “and they’ve brought more lights and activity the last few … Continue reading NDPL Drilling Continues Even After Denial!